My artistic approach

Photos by Idir Hakim. Gay Orientalist LGBT+ middle-east and arab. If you want shooting or art prints

Understanding the outbursts of our world through images: for almost twenty years, I have been photographing the two parts of my torn heart, the West where I grew up and where I live, the East where my family comes from. Through my images, I question what many see as opposites, but which in my opinion are only the two sides of the same humanity. Refugees from countries ruined by war, freedom fighters, workers or petty bourgeois, citizens of the world rich and poor, cities well ordered or in chaos, old alleys or wide avenues.

And especially faces, looks, smiles, bruised features. And also bodies, men whose virility often hides a fragility and femininity specific to the beautiful ambiguities of the Orient. I have lived and traveled in France, the United States, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon. I myself am a citizen of the world, repelled by all racism and nationalism, believing in the unity and diversity of humanity.


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